Free Robux Introduction:

Who doesn’t love getting things for free, right? I know you that most of you spend your spare time searching Google for how to get free Robux codes? or free Robux codes!

Our posts is about getting how to get free Google Play codes, free Amazon gift card codes the downfalls of these said “Free Gift Cards.

”However, as they say, there’s nothing such as free in this world, not even friendship. They always want something in exchange. But the methods mentioned below don’t want you to spend any money.

How To Get Free Robux Codes ?

how to get free robux

You are just required to do basic tasks, so it’s closest to what you can say “Free.”Now, it is possible to earn free Robux codes.

But unfortunately, there are dozens of scams happening on the web and thousands of people per day get fooled and victimized.Hopefully, by defining things truthfully, with zero nonsense.

This article would probably enlighten and prevent you from being scammed and all the legit methods to earn Robux codes.

You can skip where we’ve mentioned all the ways you can get scammed by following free Robux codes generator sites.

In case you don’t want to hear about all the good and 100% working tricks on “legit ways to get free Robux codes.”

Legit ways to earn free Robux Codes in 2019

free robux

If you want to get free robux, that too for free then look no more as we might have just what you are looking for.Thus you won’t be needing to do any complicated task to gain access to the codes that you need.

1. Robux Codes List – 2019 (Updated Weekly)

List of Robux Use following unused Robux codes to get some stuff on the Roblox Store without spending any money.

One thing is that you can never satisfy yourself with few games while owning a Roblox.

You cannot easily entertain yourself with purchasing a few now and then, because they’re expensive.Currently, there are a lot of YouTube users and people on the social platform that will do giveaways of free robux codes.The requirement to enter the giveaway will be that you need to subscribe to their channel or follow them.We’re not going to say that it’s almost impossible to win a giveaway when there are millions of subscribers, and thousands are following the giveaway, but the odds are against you that it’s real.

free robux

I’ve been looking for free robux codes for ages, maybe like you did. And luckily I have good friends and they gave me one. Don’t worry I’ll share it with you, as they did with me. I don’t know where they got it. But it works. The same code, which I have used, they did also. So you should probably try it as soon as possible before they remove this glitch.

here is the robux code for you and it is for free, if it doesn’t work for you, please report the problem in comments below the article and I will try to find a new one for you

This article was last updated on the 12th of March in 2019. All the data and codes within this article are still working and accurate.

Please read this
I have put human verification on the site with the robux code for ps4, so any web crawlers cannot access this information and it will work longer / it will take more time for them to fix this glitch if it stays “hidden”. So please don’t spam this code over gaming forums etc.

Be aware of robux code generators. Because before my friends have given it to me, I was in your shoes. And I was trying to google one. But all I have found were fake “generators”. And why I say “generators” all of them wanted from me to pay via Paypal or to pay via SMS and it wasn’t cheap. The worse part was, that I have actually paid money and never received anything that actually worked.

This is actually why I am making this article. Yes, to give you access, but to also warn you. And not to get scammed as I got. I feel so stupid right now. When I’m typing these words I can’t believe I was his stupid.

How to spot fake generator
Well all of them look the same. They have a similar logo to robux one, or they use the same, which is just btw: against the law. They will usually ask you, about your console/platform (ps4/xbox one or gaming pc). And there is usually around 500-5000 codes left. Please don’t fall for this as I did. Usually, they will follow up with the button “request code”.

Also, all of these sites contain at least one or two banners with a call to action. Usually red or blue or yellow banner with text “ACCESS GENERATOR”. If you follow that, the following will happen. As mentioned before, you will have to choose your gaming console etc. After that, you will see an animation, which will consist of these messages. The first message will be: connecting to the server. Right after that, you will see successfully connected followed by current request c0de.

robux code logo, which is cc license, recently uploaded on wikipedia. I have just cropped it, it is logo with black text on white background

After that, you will receive a message. Congratulations! Your download code is: ***. This will be followed up with: “This is not yet active, please click on activate”. And after that, you will be asked to pay via SMS or via Paypal for two offers out of 10-20. Please don’t this I have already lost money this way, there is no reason, why you should also. This is why I am writing this, learn from my mistakes and don’t get scammed as I did.

Here is what you came for
Sorry, for taking so long. But I felt like I have to share this with you. If you want the code click here. Please after you try this. Come back to this article and leave me to comment below. If it still works or not. As soon this robux codes for free stop working, I will update the article, that this is no longer working. That other readers don’t have to waste their time, reading my story. And I will also try to find a new one for you. Because this is such a great game and it will make no sense to play it alone. Also, you can comment, what is your equipment, which level you got and your best score. If you want to play with me, leave your username also, I will find you. PS: I’m playing on PS4, do you think Xbox one is better for this kind of game?

Video Player

free robux

Oh Hi there Roblox player, this is your lucky day, we will give you Roblox free robux generator, no human verification needed. This generator supports all the platforms on which you can play Roblox in 2019. So don’t worry if you are playing on iOS, Android, PS 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or on PC, we got you covered. I know you might worry, but you truly don’t have to since this Roblox free robux generator is an online version. All you have to do is to click here.

Well, this is the usual sales pitch for scams like this. Yes, Roblox free robux generator is a scam! Yes, I said it, and sadly for you, it is true. Why I am writing this? Because I am sick and tired of people who still do things like this. Do you know why they are doing it? No? But I do. These people are so non-creative, they don’t want to work so they rather set up a scam like Roblox free robux generator, in which after you fill all the details you will have to do a human verification of some sort. It doesn’t matter if you have to send SMS somewhere, buy an application on your phone or submit an email for another fake offer.

Why is Roblox free robux generator a scam?

Ok, let’s dive in. If you are on one of those sites that claim that they can generate robux for free for your account, they usually ask you how many of them do you want right? Usually, they have these four options 1000, 2500, 5000 and 10 000 robux. After you select your “package” you will be asked to fill out your username and select your platform on which you are playing.

After you all that, the last step is just to click on the button to continue or submit.

Right after that, it will show you an animation that it is connecting to a proxy… and something else and else. After that, it will show you that the robux are being generated. And after the animation is finished, you will see Human Verification. There are two different ways, either they will have a button to verify now, to show you the offers, from which you have to complete at least one or they will be already displayed.

If the offers are not showing, you have to click on the button verify and it will show you the offers and usually, there will be animated either circle or square which will do similar animation to a webpage when it is loading and it will say underneath it “Offer Incomplete!”.

Another way how to identify a dodgy site

Also if you are using google chrome, most of these sites will have a red triangle with white exclamation point in the middle with text next to it “Not Secured”. That is because that website does not have an SSL certificate, which costs around $5. Why would they not buy that if the offer was legit? Also, most of these sites are on domains like .xyz or .online and others. Because they use in their name Roblox, which they can’t and that is the reason why they are using these spammy and fake domain extensions.

Click on all of the offers, if you do not believe. On all of them and I mean on all of them, you will be asked to write your phone number and then send some SMS for “verification”, which will cost at least $5.

How to spot fake Free robux Generator

One last thing about this. Do you know how you can spot that it is fake right away? They are letting you choose your platform on which you are playing, which makes this look kind of real for kids and not educated people. But if you think about it for a while, you can log with your email on PC and then with the same details you can log on PS4 or even Nintendo Switch. You will still have the same account. Only the Roblox match up algorithm will place you on the map with people on the same device.

This image demonstrates that Roblox free robux generator is fake. And every copy of it is just another fake. People trying to scam kids for their pocket money. That is why the bright red color is used in this photo, to demonstrate the point of this.
And the second way how you can spot that this is all scam is, that if you will same crazy username… Type there, for example, DAVE6594AE#[email protected]>#$♥5. Within the animation, it will show you, that your account was successfully found! I am no expert at gaming nicknames but I am sure that no one has this as their username, and I bet there is a character limit for your username. Find out what the limit is and write username with one more character then Roblox supports and tries to input that username, I will bet that it will again find it!

Why I am writing this?
Well, I am sick of those people, who create websites like free Roblox robux generator online. Because they are stealing money from kids… Doesn’t that seem wrong? It definitely does for me. When I was a kid even a few dollars were a lot for me. And if I imagine I was a kid again and I finally had my $5 that I can spend on something and I would fall in the trap of Roblox free robux generator I would so mad and I might even do something truly stupid…

Yeah, so this is why I am writing this. And what they do is not even a good scam. Because what they did, is that they only created the website, with their sales pitch and link out to the “generator”, which they did not create, they just used this created fake generator and host it on another website. But these surveys which are here used for “Human Verification” are not provided by them, but several CPA companies. The owner of the website, who tries to convince you to proceed with the human verification gets only around 0.5$ – 1.6$ for the completion of at least one offer. But you have paid at least $5 for this, so the rest is getting the company. And these scammers are just getting literally peanuts.

This 400 x 100 pixels image is stating that people should do not fall for fake Roblox free robux generator and other scams like this. Since this article was publsihed
Btw: Right now I am just curious. As I am a player of this game myself. I would like to know what are you doing between the loading of the game. Because it does not matter if I play on my PS 4 Pro or on my gaming PC. It takes ages to load. So in the meantime, before they match me up with my opponents and game loads I am usually playing Happy Wheels game. What do you do? Please write to me that in the comment section below this article, I would really like to know that!

If they put all that effort in something else, they really could make something great, but they don’t. They are just continuing to scam people with their fake Roblox free robux generators.